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About The Author

Tim Kuhnert, b. 1976, is a professionally-trained musician, singer and songwriter. After studying songwriting at the music academy BIMM Bristol, he released a solo album and founded the label Made For TV. The author lives in Berlin, is an active musician and gives workshops on songwriting and music production.

I’ve been dealing with songwriting for many years now and have always found it hard to get my hands on a book that conveys the basics clearly and concisely. Some books are slightly irrelevant, based more on jazz than the themes of popular music, while others become lost in general theory and dry, intellectual analysis.

The role of this book, then, is to provide a brief guide with practical tips and examples that help you find the ways and means to enhance your creativity throughout your daily struggle with your muse. Reach for this when finding yourself, once again, desperately sitting on the edge of your bed, or standing with your band in the rehearsal room, looking for the next idea.

“Songwriting is all about finding the right combination of topline, chords and structure.”

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